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08-28-07, 04:57 PM
I recently bought a Dell Vostro 1400 Notebook on my trip to Thailand. Since there was no offering of Linux as pre installed OS, I bought it with Windows Xp and Nvidia GeoForce 8400M video card. Now the problem is that after I have installed Ubuntu 7.10, i.e uname -a gives this output
Linux ubuntu 2.6.22-9-generic #1 SMP Fri Aug 3 00:50:37 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux
I cannot run Nvidia's 3d driver, though the 2D driver "nv" runs fine. I cannot get it running even after all the upgrades. I have followed all the articles that I could find but to no avail. If anyone can help me out with the problem of activating Nvidia's 3D driver and sound for now, I could be really grateful. I have attached my concised xorg.log here in the mail so that you can understand my problem better. Thank you in Advance for any help that you can provide me.

Shishir Jha, KTM, Nepal

09-02-07, 08:07 AM
Try this?