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04-06-03, 06:21 PM
Yeah I know SOMEONE out there has a bunch of dreamcast stuff laying around that they don't want anymore.
I'm looking for anything and everything.
N64's, Sega Saturns, SNES, and any other consoles you can think of.
Kinda strange to say it, but I'm open to all options.

04-06-03, 08:27 PM
I have a sega master system sitting around somewhere, might even work

04-06-03, 09:31 PM
hehe any games for the thing?

04-06-03, 09:37 PM
Rampage, some racing game, and uh... walter payton football

04-07-03, 03:37 PM
I actually own 2 master systems and a bunch of games.

Reggie Jackson Baseball is hella good.

edit - Just noticed this was in for sale/trade, heh. I'm not interested in selling them.

04-07-03, 04:02 PM
Originally posted by fastguy94416
Rampage, some racing game, and uh... walter payton football

Drop me a PM and lemme know what you'll take for the things :)

04-07-03, 05:13 PM
Not worth enough to merit, shipping, and they are in storage. Damned if I know where it is.

04-09-03, 06:41 PM
i have a regular nintendo:)

04-10-03, 03:12 PM
I think my old Atari 2600 is in the attic.. I have like 30 - 40 games for it.

Wuts funny is I paid 299$ for my atari 2600.. and 30 bucks a game. amazing how times have changed.....

04-10-03, 04:01 PM
well well well :)
I hope you guys are willing to part with some of this stuff?

04-17-03, 10:15 AM
I have a modified dreamcast with some import fighting games. Also have a Genisis. How much you willing to pay?

04-17-03, 03:59 PM
I'ved got the actual dreamcast system and lots of stuffs for it. Which games ya got?
Tell me more about the genesis. Which version is it? HOw old, condition, blah blah blah.
any extras?

04-20-03, 10:43 PM
the genesis is the new slimed down design, bought to replace old model that died. i will say its about 5rys old. i should have shinobi the original with the real spiderman/batman and moonwalker. hell i was looking for it because you brought back memories. i think my sister has it in her garage....whatever i find when i check this week is yours.

the games for dreamcast are king of fighters 2000 and toy commander. both mint.