View Full Version : Whats the last cpu (highest spec) that will work on my P5B?

09-01-07, 06:56 AM
Will I need an overhaul sooner than I hoped, or will this chipset last a while yet?

09-01-07, 09:50 AM
So no Nehalem for my board , I thought Bloomfield was the cutoff for it.
So Yorkfield/Wolfdale are my options.

09-01-07, 10:11 AM
does my 680i (evga) support 45nm?

09-01-07, 10:27 AM
does my 680i (evga) support 45nm?

I believe so yes. I think the next big Intel move for changing sockets all together is when they intro their CPUs that have a memory controller(or whatever their equivalent of one is)?? Could be wrong there though.