View Full Version : Latest Vista Drivers Through Windows Update Cause Random Power Offs?

09-01-07, 03:40 PM
I have GeForce 6800 GT (Winfast A400 GT, to be exact), Athlon 64 3400+, 1.5GB of RAM.

Last night I updated my graphics driver through Windows update. When I rebooted, the computer ran for about 3-5minutes before completely powering off. I booted again, and it ran for a little longer and powered off again. After making sure everything inside the computer was firmly connected, I booted again with the same result.

At a time before, I was experiencing this when the computer was moved or bumped in a certain way, and that was caused by the motherboard screws being in too tight. To test for this issue, I tapped the computer in different places. After some other, rather dangerous (to the computer) tests, I was confident that it wasn't caused by any hardware being loose or tight.

At this point, I booted up the computer in safe mode, with networking (necessary because all in my home are without internet when my computer goes down), and surprisingly, no power off. I left it on all night and it was running in the same fashion I left it after eight hours. At this point, thinking that maybe I had fixed the problem somehow, I rebooted windows normally, and before I could even click on my user, it powered off. I repeated this twice more with the same result (only varying uptimes).

I had installed two drivers that night through Microsoft Update: networking adapter and graphics driver. Seeing as my network adapter was working just fine the entire night, I decided to roll back my graphics drivers. I booted up in safe mode with networking, and rolled back my graphcis drivers to my previous drivers from April (v7.15.11.5818).

I booted into windows normally, and I've been up for about 6 hours now with no issues.

Having old drivers is not really a problem for me since I use my graphics card mainly for programming and testing endeavors, but I was interested in any confirmation that this is an issue with the drivers, or someone with a large amount of knowledge and experience to confirm my findings. I have not ruled out other issues (I have an old and cheap motherboard, along with a very suspicious power supply; two very, very bad ideas in computing, I know), but just wanted to get some feedback.


Electronic Punk
09-01-07, 05:07 PM
Check their release date, NVIDIA released ones are far newer.