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09-02-07, 08:23 AM
I am experiencing a strange little problem and I was hoping someone could give me a clue as to why it is happening.

I am running an 8800gtx in Vista 64 with the 163.44.

This only started happening a few days ago. When I power up my computer, the drivers are not loaded and device manager has that yellow alert beside my 8800gtx. If I restart my computer, the drivers load fine. If I then power off my computer, the drivers load fine. It seems that if I have my computer off for an extended period of time, when I power on, the drivers do not load.

I am using 680i motherboard and my QX6700 is overclocked a bit, but I have these settings for months and months and it only started appearing a few days ago. I cannot think of anything that I installed that might cause this. I also uninstalled the drivers (used driver cleaner) and reinstalled them and I still experience it. Its nothing major, but a bit irritating. If anyone has any idea why this might be happening, I would really appreciate it.

11-18-07, 02:50 PM
Brent l'm new here as l have an 8800GTS which has been doing this problem for months. I've tried NGO drivers and that doesn't fix it, registry clean ups using Registry Booster and still no fix, so l'm stuffed at what the problem is.

l'm no Tech Guru so maybe it's some setting on the MB or within XP thats well known within this community that might be the cause but what l do know is that l've never had this much of an issue with a graphics card. So maybe someone might have an answer for us both or at least piont us in the right direction.


Asus P5B Deluxe
2.4G Quad Core
8800 GTS - Forceware 163.71
4GIG Corsair 6400C4