View Full Version : X-fi takin the piss on me? Request advice

09-02-07, 09:03 AM
Okay, maybe someone can give me some advice on this one. I've got a X-Fi Xtreme Gamer here but I'm having some problems with it.

Call of Juarez - I can't play for more than 3 minutes because it BSODs
Windows Media Player - When playing music, suddenly halts, my display becomes corrupted* (sometimes it plays a looping beep sound, really high pitch), happens when gaming to sometimes.

Now these could also be caused by something else so I swapped it for a Creative SB Live 5.1 Digital. That solved any problems I had, no more crashes. I then tested the nForce onboard sound crap and once again, no crashes.

* Corruption (Always same place when it happens):

I tried various drivers, to no avail. I'm guessing it's damaged. What do you guys think? RMA?

09-02-07, 09:16 AM
Do you have anything OC'd? That sounds more like graphics or board instablilty to me.

09-02-07, 09:37 AM
8800GTX running at (620/2000/1500) stable. Memory stock (Memtest no errors) / CPU @ 3.20 20+ hours orthos stable (Then my Server caused the power to go out)

It only happens when the X-fi is installed, never with the SB live/Onboard realtek stuff

Also I just tested it in my old pc (wich runs at stock speeds), also becomes very unstable when the X-fi is installed. Same crashes (no visual corruption though).

I'm currently using the SB live as it's stable and doesn't cause any BSODs

This still leaves me blaming the X-fi

I'll test an old soundblaster pci wich I've got lying around here somewhere aswell, but I doubt it will make any difference, it's buggered.

09-02-07, 09:55 AM
Make sure it doesn't share IRQ with anything important. I know APIC is supposed to have fixed that but now and then Creative cards tend to disprove it.

Beside that I don't know what to tell you, go for RMA.

09-02-07, 10:03 AM
Yeah I tried IRQ settings, but it has no effect and since it's acting like a complete moron in my other pc aswell I think I'm just going to RMA it if noone else has a better idea.

nightmare beta
09-02-07, 01:53 PM
Drivers, perhaps.

It's very unusual for a sound card to cause desktop corruption.

09-02-07, 03:03 PM
Old soundblaster pci card works fine aswell.

Driver issue? I tried many even those from k-something. Still giving me crashes. Oh and it's not limited to the desktop. If you drag a map over it, it disappears until the corruption refreshes itself, wich happens ever 2 seconds or so

09-12-07, 04:20 AM
shameless bump

09-12-07, 10:20 PM
I had my xfi crap out on me the other night and I at first thought it was my speakers. Was playing bf2142, heard a loud screech and then no sound. reloaded drivers and it was fixed. I was thinking it was maybe a heat issue becuase I moved my 8800gtx to a different slot closer to my xfi and away from my cpu. Works fine now.

09-14-07, 01:37 PM
There's a 25cm fan blowing on it, I doubt it's the heat, also when the pc crashed the card itself doesn't feel really warm

09-14-07, 04:04 PM
what chipset are on the motherboards you are using?

09-15-07, 12:26 PM
Sorry? what do you mean? If you mean the chipset itself, a Nforce 680 one.

09-15-07, 03:00 PM
how hot does your northbridge get?

09-17-07, 08:10 PM
Sorry? what do you mean? If you mean the chipset itself, a Nforce 680 one.

nvidia chipsets and xfi dont play nice.

09-17-07, 08:14 PM
nvidia chipsets and xfi dont play nice.

My x-fi runs fine with both my Nforce4 and nfoce 650i boards.

09-22-07, 10:42 AM
Oh well, I'll just RMA it and see what happens

09-25-07, 09:30 AM
My x-fi runs fine with both my Nforce4 and nfoce 650i boards.

and for a few people it does. it depends on a whole mountain load of variables including what other hardware is installed and the order of driver installation.

if yours has been hassles free from day zero, count yourself lucky.

FYI, i'm not slamming XFI, i love mine enough that i bought an intel board.

09-25-07, 09:45 AM
Mine has done the exact thing, TWICE. Had to rma both times.I am on my third one now.

The last time Creative was really Sh**** about the whole thing.Saying that There was some thing wrong with either my P.S, or mobo.

What was wrong was creatives lousy quality control, and bloatware.