View Full Version : lost nvidia tray icon control...

09-02-07, 10:01 AM
I have just built a new system and have an evga 8800ultra ko with the final 162.18 forceware. The nvidia system tray icon has gone missing and I cannot get it back?!?

It appears with this 8800Ultra KO card and the 162.18 drivers that I cannot get to the "classis" nvidia control panel only the web based one. This panel does not have a "tool" node like the classic panel on my system that has a GeForce 7800 GS in it. This tools node has checkboxes to add or remove the systray icon. The new web based control panel does not seem to have any options to control the display of the tray icon and now that it has gone missing I cannot get it back!

I cannot express the degree of my hatred of the web based control panel. It is clunky, slow and ugly and certainly does NOT provide any additional functionality over the classic control panel!

09-02-07, 10:30 AM
I think it's under "View/Show Notification Tray Icon" on the control panel's menu bar.