View Full Version : XBLA classic too "blown up"

nightmare beta
09-02-07, 05:44 PM

Is there any way you can make it look smooth like the neo-geo original? Or is it just the screenshot, or am I SOL?

It looks too "blown-up." I couldn't think of a better word.

Now I have an audio-quality question: Does Tung-Fu Ru's stage (the stage in the above screenshot link, and also one of my favorite tracks in a fighting game, ever) still sound as good on the 360 as it did on my regular TV with an AES?

It may have just been my imagination, but the audio sounded better with the AES original (in mono) than it did on gametap, so I was wondering if the x360 version sounded worse too.

I have a great soundcard, and some high quality Philips neckband headphones, so the only reason I could think of would be lossy compression. It wasn't 150 megabits (18.75MB) on gametap like it was on the NeoGeo. All of the games on gametap are less space than the originals.

Somethings rather irrelevant, but interesting to note, was the 32 mbit port of FFS for the Super NES had this metal-like echo that sounded cool in my opinion, and FFS for the Super NES was one of the few games of its day that supported Dolby Surround. Oh yeah, it had cool box art like Fatal Fury 2 for the Super NES and also King of the Monsters 2 for Super NES. I believe Playmates published the Super NES version of FFS, but it was up to Takara's previous box art standards. Takara still ported the Super NES version of FFS.

The Sega CD port was best, IMO, but only because it actually had some things/graphics/art changed/redesigned, and I believe it was the only version that had Ryo from Art of Fighting and his stage in it.