View Full Version : Disabling ACPI improves performance?

08-21-02, 06:30 AM
Does disabling ACPI could improves video/graphic performance? and what is the down side of disabling it? can explain it to me...


08-21-02, 06:54 AM
From everything that I have read, it's not worth it. Typical gains in 3dmarks are in the 100-300 range and then you have to manage your own IRQ's. I'll take the convenience of ACPI over a couple hundred 3dmarks any day.

08-21-02, 07:56 AM
So it does improve performance? coz right now I'm running with ACPI disabled, and If I re-enable it through BIOS, I have to re-install windows... that sucks...

I'm glad I don't have to assigned the IRQ manually by disabling ACPI, but my system cannot goes standby because of it...

Any other experience guys by disabling it?

08-21-02, 09:31 AM
Some games like disabling of it, some don't...basically it's a crap shoot, and basically it was over-hyped...put ACPI back on...

08-21-02, 09:54 AM
I've just run a quick test, I've just re-install windows twice with ACPI enabled and disabled...

And I've decided to turn the ACPI off because from that quick test I've already encountered 2 things...

1. If I enable ACPI and playing mp3 with my winamp, sometimes it skips or pause when I'm doing something else, ex. browsing the net or my folders... while when I disable ACPI I've never encountered those kind of problem...

2. When ACPI enabled, I've experienced a bit jerkiness when playing MOH:AA and GTA3, while with ACPI disabled I didn't experienced such jerkiness... I didn't test it with other games, coz that 2 games is the only game that I've played often...

I've installed the latest drivers except for VIA 4in1, I never trust it, VIA driver which comes from XP is a lot better in my experience...

Well, that's my experience, and disabling ACPI doesn't seem to hurt my com, the only problem is my system cannot goes Standby, but I never use it anyway...


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08-23-02, 04:08 PM
I hace ACPI on with ESCD on manual...which means, as far as I can tell, the IRQ goes normally instead of all in one.
Which (assumedly) means I get the benefits of it off with the benefits of it on. Heh heh.
I also have APIC 1.4 on, but anyway