View Full Version : GeForce 8300 512mb?

09-06-07, 06:18 AM
Heya everyone...

I've just come on here to ask for some help as I have bought a Dell pc and was told that it had a 512mb graphics card but seems to only have a 128mb one. The pc came yesterday and when we've checked the order it is a Nvidia GeForce 8300 gs 128mb with turbo cache - which is what is installed. We've looked it up on the Nvidia site and don't really understand all the jargon but got the impression that the 128mb memory is used all the time and then the graphics card uses extra memory up to 512mb if it needs to?

Does anyone know if this is the case or have we been given the wrong product? We thought also that maybe we needed to turn the turbo cache on or something? If it is the case that it just uses extra memory when it needs to, is there anyway we can test this?

Feel a bit annoyed at being sold something that is not what it says on the tin so just need to be sure of what I've got before i go back to Dell.

Thanks in advance,


09-06-07, 08:48 AM
it uses system ram for the rest of it.

Its ****ty marketing tactics, you cant turn the feature on or off, so its really just a 128MB card,