View Full Version : How to remove resolutions I've added?

09-06-07, 09:07 PM
On a Dell m170, Pentium M760@2.0ghz, XP Media Center, 6800 Go Ultra, Ultrasharp 17" LCD (1920x1200), and using Xtreme-G FW 94.20. While I had earlier FW 84.10 I manually added some resolutions through the control panel. When I updated to 94.20 these resolutions were carried over. I've dug aroung the control panel and can't find anything to remove them! Tried Rivatuner, Driver Cleaner, etc to remove all traces of older driver but those resolutions are still there.

Problem is I have some older games that read only the first 20 or so resolutions available, and the max res I can get is 1366x768 - not 1600x1200 or 1920x1200 (native).

Also the 6800U Go clock frequencies are 450 gpu/1.06 mem, but control panel shows 450/2.13! I KNOW it's not running that fast because nothing burned up or went kaput! Rivatuner showed correct frequencies. I do not overclock anything.

Any ideas/pointers/programs provided will help greatly!