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09-08-07, 07:16 PM
Since the days of the first Athlons, every rig I've built has used AMD CPUs. I've had a Slot A, T-bird, T-bread, Barton and now my 3700+ San Diego. The reason for my AMD choices has always been the price/performance ratio. I'm a gamer and one on a budget. I like AMD, but I just can't ignore the Core2 Duos anymore.

So, I'm making the switch. Problem is, I don't have a clue as to what to look for in an Intel Mobo. It's been a long time (2 years) since I've made any major upgrades to my computer and my last 8 rigs I've built have only been AMDs. I'm clueless to what a really good Intel Mobo is. Specifically, what Northbridge is the most promising when it comes to gaming. BTW, SLI isn't important to me.

Here's some notes that may help you pick a suitable motherboard for me:

I'm a Semi Hardcore gamer
I'm very comfortable building my own computers (10 years experience)
I'm buying the Intel Core2 Duo E6850
I'm buying 2gb of 1066MHz (PC2 8500) memory.
I'm waiting until the GeForce 9s to come out in November
I'm not going SLI, nor ever plan to.
I'm not going to be overclocking anything (except maybe buy a factory overclocked videocard)
I'm hoping to still get use from my PSU (ultra 700w)

So, with all that, can someone please recommend a motherboard that's going to last me for the next 2 years? Thanks for all your help. Remember, I'm on a budget, please keep it around $150.00

09-08-07, 08:42 PM
i made the same decision as you. it paid off alot in the end. coming from an fx-60 to a q660.....wow.
w/ regards to mobo's you can either go with the intel chipset like you were planning.

Intel badaxe2 is a great choice for stability and not to expensive. also great for overclocking i believe but don't quote me on it.

i also suggest the P35 mobo's. they are extremely stable, but they don't have SLI capabilities, but since you're not in interested in that its still a good choice. i have the abit IP35 pro and it is great. it's even compatible with the new 65nm processors coming out. no ddr3 support, but it's expensive now.

those are my two suggestions, i'm sure others will have suggestions as well. wish you luck with your choice/build!

09-09-07, 11:08 AM
Thanks for the advice. I've been reading that many consider the P35 chipset to be one of the best.

My last two mobo chipsets have been the Nvidia Nforce series. In the past for AMD, they've always seemed like the way to go. How about for Intel? I've been looking into the 650i Ultras. Does anyone have opinions on the latest 600 series Nforce chipsets?

09-09-07, 11:09 AM
ASUS P5K is also a very good board! P35 is one hell of a chipset!

+1 my next board.