View Full Version : Shuttle SN85G4 final AGP upgrade advice

09-10-07, 03:50 PM
This machine is an oldy (but a goldy) Shuttles website says the power supply is "240 W (PFC)"

What would be the best current AGP card I could fit into it using the existing power supply (it's currently got a 6800 rivatuner unlocked and overclocked and a vent hole cut into the case adjacent to the graphics card fan)

I've seen a single slot XFX 7950 but it needs a 6 pin connector (could I get an adapter for the standard HDD power connectors?) I've also seen some 7900gt's and 7900gs's but I'm totally at a loss to what would the best graphics upgrade I could get away with.

It's currently running an AMD 64 3000+ with 1gb of memory, would a 7950 be under utilised anyway.

Using a DELL 20" monitor and would love to get C&C3 running at 1600x1200 (well my misses would love it.. :)

or should I just wait for the 8600gt AGP version in November even though it's out performed by the 7950?


EDIT... just found this post (http://www.computerbanter.com/showthread.php?t=101351) which mention's people running 7900gt's on shuttles 240 w power supplies, so I suppose the question is now, does the 7950 draw more than the 7900gt on the v12 rail and can I get an adaptor for the standard connector to 6 pin?

09-11-07, 12:18 AM
i beleive 7950 uses less power. also, most cards come with an adaptor, 2x 4 pin molex to one 6 pin PCIE power.

I make no guarantees on your PSU however, i havent used those cards or a shuttle PSU before to test for compatibility.