View Full Version : New card, but tray icon has no fsaa....

09-11-07, 11:05 PM
The tray icon has no fsaa at all, all I have is aniso settings amd image quality.
Any ideas why fsaa doesn't show?
Has this with 163.44, and 163.7x now.

Maybe I should use another app to adjust stuff?

Keep in mind I don't overclock at all, I use simple settings, such as fsaa, and aniso, and res, so I don't really set many things at all. Not real familiar with video settings at all, basically I want an idiot proof app that I can set stuff with, because I always end up setting the wrong thing, and end up with a BSOD or a lockup of sorts, or a corruption of some sort.
Any suggestions would be helpgful, thanx in advance.

09-15-07, 04:53 AM
yah i noticed this too when i switched to 163.44 drivers just have to set it in the nvidia control panel :(

11-01-07, 09:02 PM
Same here with Official 163.71's. Does anyone actually have FSAA available from the NV systray icon? If you do would you mind telling us if you did a first/clean install or installed over the top of previous drivers?