View Full Version : External USB floppy Drive

09-12-07, 08:25 AM
Due to the fact that I added a couple of harddrive coolers, I no longer have sufficient room in my case for the floppy drive. Therefore, I want to buy the external drive mentioned. This would be no great decision, except that prior to removing the floppy, I recently started having a problem with the fact that the Device Manager showed a floppy drive installed, when there was none, and kept displaying error messages on system starts and shutdowns. I now have the controller disabled in the bios, and I wondering if an external floppy would depend on the controller in any fashion, or if it is totally standalone?

09-12-07, 08:41 AM
Totally stand-alone, doesn't depend on the Floppy Disk controller on the motherboard.

09-12-07, 08:42 AM
Thanks, that is what I was hoping you would say.