View Full Version : Problem with New 4200ti

04-07-03, 11:30 PM
I just bought a Leadtek A280 LE TD, with 4200ti and 8x AGP. OK, here is the problem, everytime I go to the display settings-> settings->advanced. You know how the tab for the card is seen. Well everytime I click on it all it does is lock up system. I have tried Leadtek drivers, Nvidia from 43.45 - 43.03. I am running 98 still though. No luck, any ideas?

04-08-03, 12:14 AM
what was the card you replaced it with?

04-08-03, 06:35 AM
At the time all I was running was an old S3 PCI card. I had sold my older ti4200 to a friend and that was all I had. I used detonator destroyer when I unistalled the drivers of the old ti4200. I also removed the S3, I just used windows drivers anyway.

04-08-03, 07:09 AM
Hi I also have problems with my 4200 Ti Geforce 4 AGP 8x card. Im running win 98 and i mostly play dark age of camelot (although it happens with other games too), I am finding that i load the game and can play sometimes for 5 minutes sometimes hours but it seems to crash my machine. There are a couple of things that happen it either quits to desktop and I have to reboot or the screeen seems to switch off (although its still powered) and then its a reboot to clear the problem. I was running win xp but i recently installed win98 to try and alleviate the problem but it seems to have made it worse partly i think because i cant control the refresh rates of the card now as the win 98 software doesnt have the option. Controlling the refresh rates does help the problem but it doesn't fix it... Thanks for any help you can give.

04-08-03, 10:26 AM
...gave me hassles when I recently installed it on Blue (see sig). I got crashes and couldn't set my refresh rate over 75Mhz...same as my f-ing 8500.

That was using the 43.45 set...then I tried the 30.82 dets (this is all in win98se, BTW) The 30.82 dets worked perfectly for me, got the refresh rate right on the first try and it hasn't crashed at all. :) (Although I don't really game much on Blue, but I did run some games & benchies to test it out and they were fine.)

Blue has a lot of older hardware, she's me legacy box from 98 that has just kept evolving. I'd try an older set of detonators and see if that helps you. ;)

04-08-03, 10:07 PM
I had the exact same problem quite awhile ago after installing leaked drivers from creative -cant remember the driver version, but it was one of the earlier 4x.xx series...

I'm sure it was a conflict between a .cpl file which I was unable to identify for the fact creative renames many of the core driver files from the nvidia reference sets... Thats the reason det destroyer wont help.

rivatuner and atuner still funtioned but trying to access the nvidia control panel applet caused a hard lock. In the end I was forced to re-install win98 "on top of itself".

What I mean by this is re-installing win98 without deleting it first, which will allow all programs previously installed to function correctly. The only thing it effects are system properties/tweaks. Much less of a hassle than a complete reformat.