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04-08-03, 07:35 AM
Right guys Im not one for banging on the nvidia drum, but.... this deserves credit!!!

Look @ this Cooling Solution!!!!!! (http://www.bit-tech.net/feature/23/)

Now that is one sweet heatsink, u can comment on the heatsink right here!!!! (http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29325)

It truely is a beautiful looking solution and just what the FX needs!! Ok i better stop the praise its making the FX look good ;)


Anway better go


04-08-03, 08:15 AM
Whoooa love the "FX" bit :D Gainward have said they are releasing a water cooling system for the FX too, and claim that it can get the FX upto 580Mhz easy. They also claim a 25% performance increase... maybe take that with a pinch of salt.

NVIDIA PARTNER Gainward said it will provide a liquid cooling add on for the next generation GeForce FX PowerPack! family of processor products.What is that? That is a "highly conductive pure metal alloy cooling block" which will sit over the graphics chip and chill it out, if it looks like losing its temper. The firm said that circulating conductive hot air around a PC with fans is not very efficient. "Liquid cooling," said Hans Wolfram Tismer, "paves the way to the next level of 3D graphics performance".

The cooling block will, the firm said, keep the GPU and its memory modules close to ambient temperatures and will give a claimed 25% better 3D performance. Gainward claimed it had managed to make one of its products the Model Ultra/1000 Plus "golden sample" run at speeds over 580MHz core clock.

But the liquid cooling device will cost around 200 when it's released in May, the firm said.

And yes, whatever you do dont hint that you like the FX or think its cool or decent or even just 'good' in anyway. We dont want to start a flame do we? ;) j/k lol

Red Dog
04-08-03, 09:11 AM
that is one sweet cooling solution! and to think gainward is going to put it into production.

Ive been waiting for factory water cooled cards forever.

now If they would make a 9800pr version I'd be set! :D

If the gainward version can indeed hit 580mhz, I wonder if they have upped vcore since they have the cooling to handle it.

either way this is great news. hopefully other vendors will follow the lead.

Red Dog
04-08-03, 11:17 AM
imo it would require a water pump, convection flow wouldnt be enough.

on a side note, I cant hear my waterpump. its a magdrive pump and nearly silent. (magnetic drive impeller, a 270gph aquarium pump (approx. 60gph net with 4ft head)

to add to the silent theme, Ive placed my pump under my desk in a six pack igloo cooler I use for a resevoir. cant hear it at all.

my radiator/fan is down there too, cant hear em.

I had a bad experience with a water resevoir that developed a crack so I stopped putting resevoirs in my case.

the water dripped down my atx connector and smoked my power supply. luckily everything else survived.

04-08-03, 12:44 PM
I have a question for bladerunner. I heard gainward state that somehow they are going to make this watercooler work with Gainward FX cards only. So if I were to get a Gainward FX 5800 Ultra before they release the watercooler can I still get one seperate and use it when it comes out? Or do I have to wait till Gainward bundles it with the card. Because they stated it won't be available till at least a month after the initial Gainward FX 5800 Ultras ship.


04-08-03, 02:38 PM
Im not sure how they could make it for the gainward version only. They dont make the PCB themselves (infact none of the card at all) the only thing nvidia lets them have free running on is the cooler (if they approve) sooo....

Apart from that gainward would be shooting themselves in the foot if they made it 'gainward' only. It would just cut off about 80% of the FX users instantley. They would have a job selling it, especially considering the gainward FX is the one with the largest price.

04-09-03, 12:14 AM
Well, the kit won't look like those pics. What that guy did there was damn love, you can't mass produce that and just throw it on a card for a few bux. And for anyone that wonders, when something says "watercooling", it means it will hook into your existing water setup. You don't want some kinda half-assed water-worx anyway, put it together yourself or leave it alone.

04-09-03, 08:42 AM
i like the logo
but the rest of it looks :/