View Full Version : Error while merge, plz help

09-15-07, 06:51 PM
Hello all..well briefly my problem is as follows:
I decided to merge 2 partitions F and G using PartitionMagic
after freeing up the space needed for the process (G partition still had data as well as F), it had to reboot the computer to start the merging process..after a long period of time i decided to check whats going on and unfortunately the pc was frozen so i had to restart..after restarting it said it couldnt complete the process and logged me into windows normally
now while checking my hard drives I can see both F and G, i can access F normally and see all the data inside
while when i try to access G it says "The disk in drive G is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?"
while trying to merge I choose to make F a folder in G partition
now any ideas whats wrong? and if G drive is messed up or anything, whats the best way to recover the data that was there coz its really important

Thanks a lot in advance

N.B.: partition magic didn't mention anything about formatting the partition for it to be able to merge, and I've done the merge process before using the very same software and it never required formatting