View Full Version : 7950 or 8800GTS 640?

09-18-07, 04:49 AM
Which card is better value? the 7950 GT is nice, a little cheaper than the 8800, the 7950GX2 also seems quite nice, but its more expensive than the 8800. Which one of them has the best value?

09-18-07, 04:50 AM
8800GTS 640. No doubt, no contest. Clear winner. Get the 8800GTS 640 and do not look back. ;)

09-19-07, 04:38 AM
The 8800GTS is going to be the best choice over the 7950.

09-19-07, 08:00 AM
The 8800 GTS is an easy pick, as long as it's the 640MB version anyway.