View Full Version : nv4_disp.dll BSOD: "infinite loop error"

09-18-07, 11:04 AM

I helped a friend build his new gaming pc. It works fine except on certain games, it locks and goes into a BSOD with nv4_disp.dll error detailing an infinite loop. We tried new drivers, updating bios, reseating them in reversal...nothing works.

Here are the specs:

Asus mobo with AMD AM2 4600
2 Gig Crucial ram (tested with no errors)
2 8800's with 756 MB each, SLI mode
700 Watt Power Supply.
500 Gig Seagate HD.
Sony DVD Rewriter

Item removed in case of conflict:
Soundblaster Sound card

Am not sure, but the video cards seem to run hot (to me at least). The temp monitor registers 70 C. (yes, that is correct...do not know if temp gauge is faulty). Rest of system is in middle of the temp range.

Anyone have any ideas as to what we can do to fix it???? Have seen that this problem goes back a few years and am wondering if Nvidia plans to to fix it or not?


09-18-07, 01:18 PM
If 70C is the temperature under load there shouldn't be that much problem.
It would also help to have the CPU drivers, AMD optimizer and MS hotfix for dual core installed.

In the end it could be more of an nvidia driver problem. I get that error now and then, especially when running a game after the system has been in use for several hours doing 2D stuff only. For me, the 163.44 drivers exhibit this the most, but these are also the drivers that work best with Bioshock (again, for me).

You could try 162.50, usually quadro drivers seem to be more stable. :)

09-18-07, 05:00 PM
All the latest drivers and updates have been installed...still this bsod. I thought maybe the heat for in only happpens under intense games such as WoW and Civilization 4. Since you are stating the temp is not above normal, then that shoots one of my theories down. (Thinking maybe the excessive heat was causing it.)

Thanks for the input though


10-07-07, 12:09 PM
I also have bsod in stalkerdx9 and fear only.
offcourse newest drivers.
any ideas ?