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09-18-07, 06:54 PM
I'm going to decommission my aged Opteron 175 to server status (lets hope for free co-lo at work!) and i'll be salvaging a few choice items from my current rig to the new hotness.

What i'll be purchasing come this weekend.
Lian Li PC V1000APLUSII (w/ window)

Intel Q6600

2x1GB Kit Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 8500 (2 kits)

Asus Striker Extreme

Hardware wise iI'll be pulling a Zalman 9500cu LED, 4x750GB Seagate 7200.10's, X-Fi Xtreme Music, and PC Power & Cooling 750w Silencer (non quad).

Here's my dilemma, I'm "hoping" for a minimum of 3Ghz on this chip (hope to get a G0) and will be adding a second 8800GTX for some SLI action two weeks after.

This rig will be pure gaming as my laptop will take over as my media needs (hooking up to 52in DLP).

I have a few questions that I would like your input on.
1) The Mobo, what is your opinion on it (current/past users) and/or do you have any other Mobo I should look into?

2) My current PSU doesn't have native support for 2x8800GTX's, will it be enough to Push 2x8800GTX's with one using the PCI-E Adapters?

3) Case, I've ALWAYS wanted this case for god who knows how long, I mainly like the idea of its separation of the Drives/PSU (same reason I got my P180) but what is the new "hotness" in Cases. I saw the Cosmos, and the TJ09 but would need to look into them more. And what fans should I purchase to replace the stockers? I have a few NIB Panaflo's 120mm that I could use.

That's about it, and thanks for any and all input!