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09-18-07, 10:53 PM
Time to seek some help from you helpfull people :)

Have this odd problem that started happening a month or 2 ago and has been becoming more and more of a problem. But it varies (in repetition) depending on which driver I use. (I think)

Basically after a given time.. be it short or long.. that varies as well. My desktop will stop updating properly. So dragging a window around leaves ghost copies behind.... then it may then wipe it off by going back over the same space it will "clean" it up.
I am unable to browse website with opera maximized as the pages dont display.. only a few features are visible such as the google search button and the text entry field apart from that.. I can see my desktop or a ghost of parts of the website if i shrink/expand the window.
Minimising/shrinking the window often helps.

If open a largish image which opens in the default windows picture and fax viewer it will display "drawing failed". However opening a small image displays fine and if i zoom in after awhile it will say "drawing failed"
If i open images in acdsee small images show fine until I zoom in at which point they stop updating, but the scroll bars increase accordingly as I zoom in.
Then when I close a problam, my desktop displays the program window behind the icons.
I can then use an open folder and by dragging it around wipe back to my desktop... "reveal the desktop"

Also same happens when watching videos with media play classic. upon closing the program a ghost image of MPC is left on my desktop.

Disabline or enabling my 2nd monitor makes little to no difference. The only way to properly fix it is to restart. At which point it should be fine.. but for how long. who knows.

Any ideas/suggestions
Sorry for the long windowed post just wanted to give out as much info as possible.

It has been happening since the 158.xx drivers I believe. and I always do a clean install of them... i.e. uninstall, safe mode, drivercleaner, reboot. reinstall.
And just last night installed the latest beta's to get TF2 beta to run nicely and "it" happened very quickly.
Getting really annoying, having to view webpages in a small window instead of full screen in opera is stupid. :headexplode:

09-18-07, 11:02 PM
Any chance you can try a format/reinstall of windows? Sounds like one of Windows' drawing components got messed up, your card isn't clearing the display buffer properly.

09-18-07, 11:05 PM
Yeah thats what I figured it was.

But was wondering if it was fixable without a windows reinstall.

I could try it on another drive. But its almost definitly going to be fine under a fresh install.

09-20-07, 08:36 AM
so... reinstalled my video card drivers again. As the issue was becoming unbearable. And after playing a few rounds of TF2 beta I couldnt get back into the game and the desktop was ghosting like a mofo.. seems better now.

But was wondering if anyone has any other ideas.. besides reinstall winblows.

09-25-07, 01:39 AM

it was fine all day then BAM.. went to the ****e. Tried to take a screen shot.. said not enough memory free (had over 1gb available) so closed a few opera windows and 3dsmax. and managed to get it to take a screen shot.

I then pasted it into PS and saved it straight out.

This is what i got.
Its a LARGE image tho (4160x1600). As my 30" and 22" crt were in dual view.
the blocky edges on the right is where i was "wiping" away the left over image of a full screen program to reveal my desktop (the long vertical lines being the left over of the full screen app). And the bit in the middle is an earlly screenshot of my desktop


Any ideas... anyone...:cry:

Note: my display itself didnt look like that. it did have random piece of various windows all over the place which I could wipe off but it was looking fine color and quality wise. Just the SS was whack.

10-19-07, 01:55 AM
Well, reinstalled windows.

Seems to have fixed it. Was even able to play ut3 in the old install.

All is good now.

Thanks for all the... ahh... help... **crickets chirping**

So if anyone else gets in this situation, just suck it up and reinstall. :thumbdwn:

01-10-08, 08:09 PM
me again,

Seems to have come back again..

After having the PC on for awhile 12-24 hours (sometimes even less).. it all goes pear shaped.

And it gets worse and worse. Once I fullscreen Opera or PS or even an AVI, then minimize it, the program is then sort of burnt into the wallpaper.. and i can "wipe" it away with an empty folder.

Then opera will stop updated pages (visual updating) when i scroll, and if i open an image in the default windows picture or fax view it may display fine if the picture is small but if its a big image it says drawing failed. Happens as well if i try to zoom in on the picture.

If i open PS all the tool bars will be somewhat invisible or plain grey, unless i drag the PS window to make it smaller and smaller and then eventually all the toolbars will appear properly. but whilst making the window smaller it leaves little grey window edges all over the screen/desktop.

Is my video card some what stuff.. or is there some weird program i run that kills it.?? any ideas.

I can try get some video footage of the problems if that helps. Problem is by the time it starts I am unable to take screenshots so will have to take shots with my camera.

Really annoying problem :thumbdwn: