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09-19-07, 09:09 AM
Or so I read on a israeli gaming site. They dont give a link or something, but say that LA said so.

Any info on that?

09-19-07, 09:24 AM
Thats the trade off you gotta ,make with any multiplatform game on the Wii I guess....

Still a damn nice feature.

Feel free to close this thread if needed, admins.

09-19-07, 09:46 AM
Lol, I know you didnt mean to :)

Although this kind of gameplay seems awesom and total fun, I am not going to sacrifice this to a more "real" looking experience on the other consoles.
I totaly agree with you on that engine comment too, as much as it will sound like I dont care about gameplay. But I dont think this feature deserves the sacrifices being made.

And I hope this post isnt too confusing :X

09-19-07, 09:51 AM
Yeah, I actually mentioned it just moments ago in another thread. The new Force Unleashed game is supposed to be released on the Wii as well.

But as I was saying in that thread, the big deal with Force Unleashed was supposed to be the new "super advanced" physics/particle/whatever engine...I'd imagine the Wii version will be heavily stripped down with tacked on "Lightsaber waggle combat"
I dunno, I just heard in a podcast that the Wii version of the next Need for Speed will have the exact same physics engine as the other versions. I don't know whether they'd be able to pull off the same thing here, but it is possible to do high end physics apparently.

And as long as the lightsaber physics are good does anything else really matter?;)

09-19-07, 12:02 PM
Well I guess Slippe is going to own a Wii soon if he doesn't already.

09-19-07, 01:39 PM

09-19-07, 08:49 PM
I dunno. It sounds good on paper but in all honesty I can't see it working well no matter how they do it. Let's assume the best case scenario where A: you're lightsaber will move as you move the wiimote (as opposed to shake the wiimote to swing wildly) and B: the enemies will do the same thing so you have to swing in different ways to hit them (rather than all swings do the same thing)

In this best case scenario you're still going to be confused when your lightsaber hits another one because it will mess up where your hand is vs where the saber on screen is. You can't replicate the feeling of fighting with swords/sticks/whatnot because your hand isn't going to stop when it hits something.

Go grab some foam pipe insulation or some cardboard tubing and get into a fight with a friend. The experience will be more fun and it'll cost you a whole lot less money.

09-19-07, 09:25 PM
Oh, I agree that if done correctly, wii-remote lightsaber battles would be very cool...its just with the Wii I imagine wii-remote sword fights to control just like melee combat on LoZ: TP...where how you move the wii-mote has little effect on how your sword moves on screen. So basically, if shaking the controller is the same thing as pressing a button...what is the point?

If I do an upward slash with the wiimote, and my character does the same thing with his lightsaber...then I will be excited.

I doubt that will be the case if they are simply porting the PS3/360 version to the Wii, which is what it sounds like thus far. I think that in order to get a geniune wiimote lightsaber experience, we'll need a Star Wars game built for the Wii from the ground up.
Is the Wii version being developed in-house at LA like the PS3 and 360 versions? If it's in-house it would likely be a 360/PS3 port. If it's being developed by the same 3rd party that is working on the PS2 and PSP/DC versions, it could end up a PS2 port.

Found the press release at LA's site. Looks like it is being developed by Krome Studios. PS2 port likely.