View Full Version : Am I killing these sticks of ram??

09-19-07, 11:42 AM
I've killed 2 sticks of ram since building my PC. my computer room gets pretty hot and there's really no way to re-position my PC for better air flow...it gets as much as it can anyways.

Until now, I was using the 2 sticks of ram in the slots right next to each other. About a month or so after it was built, the machine started throwing up a random black screen flickering, games would lock up then the pc would eventually start locking up. Thought it was the video card so I RMA'd that and it did the same thing when the new card was installed. It got to the point where when I'd reboot, the pc wouldn't post and the error led indicator on the back of the mobo said bad ram.

Ran mem test and all kinds of errors came up. I pulled one stick and no errors. I rma'd the set of ram and the new set worked fine for another month or so until it started doing the same damn thing. I noticed when I pulled the side panel off my case and put a small oscillating fan pointing at the motherboard up against the case, the flickering stopped and would only cause problems in games.

Monday I got my 3rd set of sticks of the same ram listed in my sig only this time, rather than putting them in the slots right next to each other, I put one in the first slot and the other in slot 3.

I've still got the fan pointing in the case and I'm hesitant to put the side panel back on. The MSI forum guys say they haven't heard of any of the 650/680i boards eating ram so I'm thinking they just got too hot becuase when I pulled the sticks the first time, the heatsinks were REALLY hot.

I'm running the voltage at 2.25 (advertised at running 5-5-5-15 @ 2.3. I was running it at 2.3 but don't think that would have hurt it??

I've got the ram timings set to auto in the bios and for the OC, I've got the FSB set to 1400mhz and the multiplier at 9X yielding a 3.15ghz clock speed.

Although the ram is rated at 1066, the bios post screen says it's running at around 800mhz. :confused:

So anyways, I don't know if there's something with my overclock that the ram doesn't dig or if it's just the heat that wore it out. I can't afford to continue to RMA this ram becuase since it's a dual stick kit, I have to send BOTH sticks back and be without a computer for 2 1/2 weeks.

Do you guys think it's just the heat or something else?

Oh and in the event that it's the heat getting to the ram, what are some good ram coolers?

The ocz one looks badass and looks like it's large enough to cover both sticks better than the thermaltake or corsair cooler.

Dual Core Joe
09-19-07, 12:49 PM
Wow, great post. You can see my stats. Im in the same boat. Ive got four one gig chips and I recently found (two days ago) that two of them are dead. I sent them back to newegg for replacement. I cant seem to get them to like 1066 either. 800 is stable, but not 1066. Ive dropped my clock back to 3.25 ghz and she's real stable at that. I wonder if I killed that ram too?

09-19-07, 01:46 PM
Who knows.... I'm about to order the OCZ ram cooler with the dual 60mm fans to see if that will just be a preventative mesaure if it is heat.

I'm also going to manually set the ram timing to the advertised 5-5-5-9.

I'm wondering if the overclock is overstressing the ram for some reason? I'm thinking if anything, it's running at LESS than what it would typically run stock seeing as to how it's 1066 ram.

Edit: I just ordered the ocz ram cooler and a pair of 120mm noctua fans as the 2 120mm fans in my case are low rpm generic fans. Those stinkin noctua's are expensive!