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04-08-03, 05:33 PM
Hello guys, up for sale is my multimedia PC system:

Athlon XP 1700+ @ 1.46GHz. (I have been running it at 1.8GHz/1.7v/2200+ on a bus speed of 328MHz for well over 2 months without any signs of instability.)
A Spreeze HSF with an 80mm fan.
TWO 256MB sticks of Kingston 2700 DDR 333MHz RAM for a total of 512MBs.
An 80GB Seagate Barracuda ATA/133 7200RPM HD.
A 4GB Seagate Medalist ATA/66 5400RPM HD. (For use as a backup drive)
A Lite-ON 48x24x48x CD-RW. (Beige)
I am also going to include a finicky Lite-On 24x CD-ROM. It works perfectly fine in my Pentium II 266 system, but seems to cause a conflict in this one. Do as you wish with it. :) ( It is currently not hooked up.)
A 1.44MB Floppy Drive. (Beige)
A 128MB DDR Radeon 9100 4x AGP card manufactured by Sapphire. (The original fan on this died so I screwed on a fan from a Pentium 1, works great, and runs much cooler now.)
A Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound card. (http://www.americas.creative.com/support/welcome.asp?centric=107)
A 56k v.90 Creative Labs ModemBlaster.
A Leadtek TV/FM tuner & recorder card. (http://www.leadtek.com.tw/www/Web_Leadtek/multimedia/TV2000_XP/TV2000-XP-deluxe.asp) Includes wireless remote.
An MSI KT4V motherboard: (http://msicomputer.com/product/detail_spec/product_detail.asp?model=KT4VL)

VIA KT400 Chipset
8x AGP
6 PCI Slots
1 CNR Slot
3 DDR RAM Slots for a maximum of 3GBs.
USB 2.0
And ATA/133

The board also allows for 1MHz stepping of the bus speed, and core voltage tweaking up to 1.7v. Also, I updated this board to the latest BIOS from MSI and it is now fully compatable with the new Athlon XP 3000+.

And last but not least, an Antec SLK3700AMB (http://antec-inc.com/pro_details_enclosure.php?ProdID=93700) case. I don’t need to tell you how great this case is, it is currently one of the highest rated around. The paint job finish is excellent, kudos to Antec. Here is a run down of it;

350 watt Dual-Fan Antec SmartPower supply
4x 5.25” drive bays with rails.
A removeable floppy drive cage which holds 2 drives.
And a removeable 5-drive hard drive cage.
120mm Antec case fan in the rear with a spot up front for one more.
And, a removeable/washable air filter… :D

I did a rather nice cabling job on this box if I do say so myself, though I didnt deal too much with the IDE ribbons because I had always planned to get rounded ones and never did.

The machine will come with all of the software CDs that came with the componets, including:

Nero 5.
MSI's driver and utility disc.
The SoundBlaster driver and utlity disc.
Cool 3D (Multimedia app for use with the Leadtek multimedia card)
VideoStudio 6 (Also for use with the Leadtek multimedia card)
The Radeon driver and utility disc.
And the driver and utility disc from LeadTek for the multimedia card

I will also include every piece of paperwork that I have accumulated with the various componets.

This machine will come preloaded with Windows 2000 Professional. I will NOT include a copy of the OS on CD. It is up to you to obtain your own copy of Windows if you do not wish to keep 2000 on the drive. I will also install Mandrake 9.0 if you wish and include the 3 burned discs if you wish.

I am selling this machine because I joined the military, and will of course be traveling. Time for a laptop. :)

Before any of you ask, let me say that I will NOT part this machine out, so please do not ask. I am looking for a quick sale to a single buyer.

I can provide references to any interested buyer as well as eBay feedback.

I am looking for $650 including shipping from Tulsa - OK - 74136 to anywhere in the CONTINENTAL USA, Or Best Offer.

If you want dibs, e-mail me and THEN post in the thread. I have the machine posted around the net so it would be easier to grant dibs based on e-mail arrival time. E-mail me at: MacDudeGuy AT Netscape DOT Net

Thanks for looking guys.

04-12-03, 01:19 AM
Price dropped to $625 shipped, OBO.

04-12-03, 01:18 PM
Price dropped to $600 shipped, OBO.