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09-20-07, 11:56 AM
Isnt there any way of using keyboard shortcuts for different profiles (like with ATI, they've had this since forever)?

It's far to cumbersome imo as it is now:

1. Load nvidia control panel (takes a bit of time..)
2. Select "Resolution" (or else "profiles" wont even show up :screwy: )
3. Select "Profile"
4. Select "Load profile"
5. Select the profile you want
6. Press yes (um yes i want to load this profile, that's why i've gone though this boring process for the 100000 time, no?)
7. Press yes again (gah!!!!)

Seven( :screwy: ) steps to load a profile, compared to ATI where i just press alt+f1 or alt+f2 for my 2 profiles.. AND i dont even have to press "yes" several times..

But perhaps(hopefully) i'm missing something here..

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09-20-07, 12:23 PM
Double post, sorry.

09-20-07, 12:26 PM

Doesnt work for me, "Error reading XML File C:\windows\system32\nvapp.xml..." Guess it doesnt work on Vista.. + i already have Rivatuner and dont really want 2 programs in the background for nvidia settings, i have no idea which program will overide which (3 programs total if you count nvidia control panel heh, nah that'll be too confusing)..

And are you sure it can load profiles for different resolutions and screen setups and not just loading profiles for games (which i have no interest in-- perhaps i havent been clear enough, sorry if i havent) ?