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09-20-07, 11:27 PM
I just bought R6V and when I started up the game, it started to download a patch update. Well, I cancelled it so I can see the gameplay and when I rebooted, the auto patch updater wouldn't download the file at all. I went to fileplanet to download the 1.05(?) patch to see if it would work, but the auto updater still pops up. I'm not sure if this game is like F.E.A.R. where you don't see your native resolution untill you update, but now that I downloaded that patch from fileplanet, the highest resolution that I see is the 1152 one. Is it supposed to be like this? And what patch is the game on?

09-21-07, 01:30 AM
i think 1.05 is the latest. if u dont want to update just change the shortcut to point to r6vegas.exe instead of the launcher.exe

09-21-07, 08:55 AM
Yeah, 1.05 is the latest and the Auto-Updater loads every time for me. The highest resolution I can select in-game is 1600x1200. Oh, BTW, I've always manually downloaded the patches and installed them. I haven't seen the Auto-Updater find a patch yet, but I usually update it manually as soon as I install the game, too. So...

09-21-07, 09:15 AM
So if I don't see my resolution, it's not supported? 1440x900?

09-21-07, 09:36 AM
R6V has the some of the ****tiest widescreen support ive yet seen in a game

even after a widescreen patch it still doesnt have the most common WS rez'es !

fortunaly there are many talented code's out there who will take the time to fix/add for free what the dev's who ported it either could'nt be bothered to add or just didnt have the talent too

Check here


then download and run


To patch for your res,the hud/themal/lowlight and ingame intro sections are a little messed up but that worth it to play in +hoz

im a few level in and enjoying it but the ****ty lvl optimization is a real killer
the game drops from 100+fps to mid/low 20's by just turning a corner in a box corridor!

seem the dev's didnt bother to use any kind of visportals to block the engine from rendering stuff you cant see.....