View Full Version : Eye of Judgment is $69.99??

09-21-07, 09:49 AM
I wasn't expecting this. Great deal.

2. Pricing = $69.99
Yep, you’ve heard it here first. The SRP for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT software bundle in the US is $69.99. The bundle includes the following:
• THE EYE OF JUDGMENT software (disc case, manual, Blu-ray disc)
• PLAYSTATION Eye camera
• Judgment (camera) stand
• 9 Fields Battle Mat
• (1) Starter deck (includes 30 Summoning Cards + 4 Function Cards)
• (1) Booster pack (includes 8 randomly inserted Summoning Cards with one guaranteed to be rare or ultra rare)


09-21-07, 09:50 AM
Not bad on the price, especially considering that it comes with the camera. Wonder how long till they have extra games on the PSN.

Mr. Hunt
09-21-07, 10:04 AM
Not bad at all... at first I thought you were saying for just the disc.... 10 dollars over most games for a friggin camera + mic? Pretty good.

09-21-07, 12:08 PM
Ooooh, can't wait :)

09-21-07, 12:27 PM
5. Online cheating
The most popular question we’ve heard revolves around online cheating. Mainly, “What’s going to prevent players from ‘stacking the deck’ when playing online?” – meaning, cheating your card draw so you get your best cards from the start. Fortunately, THE EYE OF JUDGMENT introduces a new paradigm in drawing cards when playing against your opponents online. First, you’ll have to register and save your Summoning Deck, offline. Then, when logged on, you select the Summoning Deck you wish to play. Once paired up with your opponent, the PS3 will automatically shuffle and randomly pull your cards for you. Once these cards are selected, you must pull these cards from your ‘physical’ deck and draw them to your hand and play the Summoning Cards on the Battle Mat, as normal.

I like this feature a lot, I was kind of curious how online play would work. Not a bad idea really, I look forward to playing this on-line with any of you who purchase this! :D

09-21-07, 01:57 PM
Prepare to be owned. I will be wearing a robe and wizard hat, to great dramatic effect.

Sounds good to me, I'll have to dig my wizard hat out of storage as well. :D If they do this right this game has the potential to be a lot of fun, I look forward to bringing back my Magic the Gathering pwning skills. This should be fun! Bring it Mr Pointy Wizard hat man! :D

09-21-07, 02:17 PM
Prepare to be owned. I will be wearing a robe and wizard hat, to great dramatic effect.

Just leave the shopping cart out this time please.:D