View Full Version : Windows Opening Off Screen

09-21-07, 11:21 AM
A problem that I have had for some time now is that some windows open on my TV, which is set as my secondary display. Even though I drag them back the the monitor, the next time I reboot, they are back on the TV. I'm using 162.18, but I had a similar problem before. However, now I can't seem to find a setting in the control panel to prevent this, like in the older drivers. This even happens if the TV is turned off, which makes it even more annoying. How can I adjust this?

09-21-07, 11:40 AM
AFAIK, the only resolution is to set it back to single display mode whenever you are not using the TV.

My biggest issue is through RDP and accessing windows that are on the secondary display from the remote PC.

09-21-07, 11:50 AM
That may be true, but I wouldn't consider that a solution. I use both displays so often each day, that switching them back and forth would be quite a nuisance.

I'm curious, why do you use RDP for remote viewing? I don't know anything about it, but it sounds like something that would be done across the internet...or perhaps a network. If the latter, what advantage does that have over simply running a cable?

09-21-07, 11:55 AM
I RDP over teh internets to access my home PC from work.