View Full Version : Gainward 8600GT GS GL Random Blank Screen

Prodigy Freak
09-22-07, 04:36 AM
Hello to all from Serbia.

Yesterday i purchased this card, installation went fine but after few mins of gaming, screen goes blank but sound still plays.

Before that i had X1250 integrated, i unnistalled the driver and used driver cleaner to remove the remainings.
After that installed the latest driver.

OS is Vista 64bit Ultimate and nothing is overclocked at the moment.

Gpu temp is 49C.

Im thinking maybe its PSU, Coolink 400w 18A on +12V
leftovers from ati drivers causing some conflicts

what to do people? sometimes i can play for 30mins without problems and sometimes after restart when i play some divx movie blank screen appears again.

10-02-07, 07:12 PM
I have exactly the same problem on a brand-new system with an MSI 9AGM3 Mobo (integrated Radeon X1250 disabled...never installed those drivers) and the eVGA 8400GS running Vista x64 (2GB RAM on 2 Crucial DDR-5300 sticks). I'm using DVI to a Samsung 191T LCD and the image is beautiful (1280 x 1024, 75Hz). But every so often (sometimes more than others) the image goes entirely blank for about 2 seconds, then comes back as if nothing had happened. The system is running normally the entire time, there's just no image for that period. eVGA tech support was no help...nVidia is inscrutable.

Memory tests just fine...it's not an overclocking system; everything is on AUTO. I have the new nVidia drivers (163.69).

This problem is listed in the FAQ at eVGA, it says to tweak the CVT timing, but the Vista drivers do not have that capability in the nVidia Control Panel.

I'm so frustrated with this, it's just about time to go to ATI...