View Full Version : Not a problem, just installation question

09-22-07, 06:02 AM
I done quick search about this issue but dont found answer i was looking for.

My question is that now i have done 2 Nvidia forceware driver upgrades to my
Vista x64 Ultimate and followed install instructions from nvidia site located at

I just wonder that part (Step 3) where driver making uninstall previous drivers since my Vista/driver installation have NOT done that.

In my experience drivers just overwrite pretty fast and installation is complete and installation program asks me to restart my computer, after restart drivers are upgraded properly and everything works just fine.

Im just puzzled that since good old days, it was always recommended to uninstall manually old drivers before installing new ones, and now Nvidias own setup program should do it automaticly but in my case that dont seem to be the case?

Asus Geforce 7800 GT
Intel Core2Duo Q6600
Win Vista x64 Ultimate (eng)

09-23-07, 09:12 AM
Weird. I don't get that either! Hmm...