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09-23-07, 06:22 PM
Anyone have an opinion on this board
ASUS P35 Intel Skt-775 DDR2 1333MHz Black Pearl Edition P5K Premium / WiFi-AP Motherboard Retail

Buddy of mine at work is thinking about getting one of these and mating it with a Q6600 (or Server equivalent) along with a 8800Ultra. His main use will be gaming, and I started thinking "Is it even worth it atm to go SLI?" Are these chipsets that bad ass? I hear tons of horror stories from 680i users, but I hear enough good ones to outweigh the bad.
How would a rig fair with a Quad, ASUS P35. Ultra with Built-in 2GB Ram
against a Quad, Asus Striker, GTX's SLI, 4GB Ram. Is the potential better overclock make "that" much of a difference? Seeing this build really made me contemplate my own build coming up soon, tis why i'm asking.

09-23-07, 07:41 PM
which is it... lol

pk53 or p35?

I have the pk53 with 1333 DDR3.. there is no 1333 ddr2...

it looks GREAT.. will see how it runs as soon as i get my graphics card in!

ill review it for you

10-07-07, 04:17 PM
I love it.

I'm using the onboard sound, the onboard WIFI, and it featured most necessary drivers on the disk it came with. Aside from that, once i downloaded more drivers, everything was PERFECT.

Onboard sound RIVALS a good sound card... I use my pc for recording vocals.. I am in a band and I rap, and I'm going to test out its recording quality soon! But sound is wonderful, as good as my trusty old Audigy 2

The only trouble I had, was installing the OPSYS.

It refused to partition 1 drive and leave the other Vista-less.

I soon called a friend in the PC Building business, and he told me it was primarily a vista problem. I unhooked one of my harddrives, and wammo, worked just fine. Then on a shut down, i plugged the other back in, it quickly installed all drivers and ran problemless.

Now I'm running WIC on VERY HIGH with max settings.

And I'm DOWNPLAYING my DDR3 at 1066, dual channeled 2gigs..

i have 2x1g kingston ddr3 1333, not even necessary to utilize it yet. MOBO is great

The wireless g does me just fine. No lag online thus far.

Hope that helps yah, feel free to ask me anything.

10-08-07, 09:32 AM
I believe Noodles is referring to the Asus P5K3 Deluxe and Roliath the P5K Premium, which both have P35 chipsets, imho.