View Full Version : Next-Gen R-Type?

09-23-07, 09:30 PM
WoW! This looks good. It's a tech demo by the developers of the R-Type series. If they could make another one of the games with this level of graphics I would be so happy.

No platform mentioned but it still looks dam good... you know its not the Wii. ;)


09-23-07, 09:47 PM
Vid's not working for me..

09-23-07, 10:34 PM
Yeah link to video failed too.

09-23-07, 11:25 PM
maybe they took it down. :(

09-24-07, 12:25 AM
Yeah. Raiden's better anyway. Overhead shooters FTW.

Redshirt #24
09-24-07, 03:00 PM
Raiden's a classic, though. But hey--horizontal (Einhander, R-Type, Darius) or vertical (Twin Eagle, Gunbird, Ikaruga), it's all good...

09-24-07, 03:15 PM
Yeah even although you can't compare vertical and horizontal together.

Man, I want complete set of Raiden on XBLA or something. :)