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09-24-07, 06:43 PM
Which one should I get? I'm thinking about selling my 8600GT and buying 2 MSI NX8600GT-OC's for $109 each. Would any of you object to that and say go for the 8800GTS, mainly the 320MB? I read a review about a 8600GTS SLi vs. 1 8800GTS 320MB and the SLi set up was substantially superior in benchmarks but the 8800GTS holds a higher place on the pedistal for games. But I'm not going to buy a 8600GTS. I just need some opinions before I buy one or the other because I have enough money for the SLi setup or the 8800GTS 320MB once I sell my current card.

8800GTS 320MB


"There are three groups of performance users: the dollars do not matter and I want the best group, the type that go out and buy the 8800GTS or 8800GTX in SLI. Another is the performance user who knows what good performance is, but is a bit more realistic with their budget. This group generally buys the single 8800GTS or 8800GTX. Finally you have the people that do not have loads of money to spend, and by the time they save up for a single 8800 there is a new model coming."

I'm the third group :(.


09-24-07, 07:10 PM
I'd say the 8800GTS 320 simply because SLI is a pain to use and sucks up extra power besides. Also the 8800s are better equipped to handle high amounts of shaders and geometry etc. Furthermore, generally cards that don't work well with certain games on their own will only work a little better with SLI.

09-24-07, 07:49 PM
So I should go for the 8800GTS?

09-24-07, 08:01 PM
Just get an 8800GTS 640MB model. They OC like crazy but I dunno how they stand up against SLI'd 8600GT's, but since you are the frugal type, this probably fits your upgrade model, thinking that a year or 18 months from now you may be inclined to add another 8800GTS.

And then, welcome to the real world!

In 18 months, there will be a single card solution that will completely blow away any manner of GPU you could buy today. Not only that, the medium/low level parts at that time will blow away everything you are considering buying today. Plus, you will be suffering, playing at crappy settings, not only from the beginning, but for much longer than any decent person should have to, and that is especially bad since you did it by choice.

I say screw it; sh_t or get off the pot, but use TP in either case.

I went with SLI 8800GTS's because I was confident I could OC the crap out of them, and I do. And even still, I can't always turn the eye-candy up 100% with everything, but at least I did learn, because my last rig started right out the gate with 7800GTX's.

Get the best you can afford, within reason, but don't every intentionally go budget. Save a little if you can and give yourself at least a running start. :D

09-24-07, 10:31 PM
I didn't get the **** analogy but now that you mention that I should get the best I could afford, I'm setting my sights on this

8800GTS 320MB

Or this:
8800GTS 640MB

If only there was a way that people can give me money so I can buy the card, lol. Like a charity.....but that's like fraud. I have $100 so far saved up. If I can sell my 8600GT for $100, I'll almost have enough. Maybe I can beat up the rich defenseless kids at my school and take their money :)!

09-25-07, 12:25 AM
don't bother with the 320 meg of anything if your actually serious about keeping the card for a while.

09-25-07, 12:37 AM
whatever you do, just don't go 8600GT SLI, you won't be happy with the performance at all, and any model 8800GTS would simply destroy that setup.

09-25-07, 01:00 AM
don't bother with the 320 meg of anything if your actually serious about keeping the card for a while.

Not everyone plays at a rez larger than 1600x 1200.... :rolleyes:

09-25-07, 02:23 AM
Not everyone plays at a rez larger than 1600x 1200.... :rolleyes:
Even at lower res, if you start cranking up the AA the 8800GTS 640MB will crush the 8600GT SLi setup. High res isn't the only thing that the 8800s benefit from. ;)

09-25-07, 02:40 AM
Get an 8800GTS 640MB. Sacrifice food for a week; ride your bike to work; run a paper route or something. It's a dramatic increase from an 8600 (and 8600 sli for that matter), and you only have to worry about 1 card.

Not everyone plays at a rez larger than 1600x 1200.... :rolleyes:
Whose fault is that?

09-25-07, 08:31 AM
Get the 640 if you can. I'd go eVGA since their rebates usually come pretty fast (got mine within 2 weeks) and also there's the step-up program (9x00's around the corner, or so they say). If you really must use AA at medium to high resolutions (16x12 and up) then the extra memory will be handy for a handful of newer games. The 320 ver has served me fine though in most new games with 16xAF and no AA @ 1680x1050.

09-25-07, 05:35 PM
don't bother with the 320 meg of anything if your actually serious about keeping the card for a while.

Yeah, I'm starting to lean onto the 640MB because if I don't save up enough money before the Step Up program is over, I'll still have a pretty decent card. I'll get the most affordable EVGA 640MB and OC it.