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09-26-07, 09:36 AM
winxpsp2-the fog in bioshock looks like 16-bit fog even though its 32, with defined layers you can see that should not be there in 32-bit-what can i adjust to change this? i already have everything on high in bioshock and have rivatuner installed, although i havent touched anything in it -anyone know what settings control the fog in vidgames? i tried bunches of different drivers-still the same -starting to wonder if its the quality of the card-1 xfx 7950gt 512mb -isnt like that with my old 6800gt

09-26-07, 10:18 AM
You sure your not mistaking distance fog with particle effect fog? The latter always appeared as "layers", although thanks to dx10, the hard edges seen when the particles intersect geometry is much less noticeable.

You didn't get a new lcd monitor did you?

09-26-07, 10:29 AM
definatly sounds like a sprite effect.
Prolly smoke sprites, sprites are images with transparency that are mapped on a square that is always facing the player. (often used as particles in particle systems as smoke and other effects).
If they are set up to collide with things, that collision uses the center of the sprite, due to this they often cut through floors walls etc (also happens if they arent set up to collide with things obviously), and you get a pretty ugly edge where they intersect with things.

some games use zFeathering to blur out the edge where sprites intersect (WiC in DX10, I think CoD2 aswell for example).
found this shot of how that can look:

09-26-07, 06:51 PM
i'll try to find a program to take a shot of it -its smoke you can walk thru, i just bought and installed this 7950, and i really dont recall it being so noticeable with my 6800gt and i know for a fact that i've played other games with smoke where it looks perfectly ---LIKE SMOKE! not these layers thanks jolie for taking the time to try to help -i really cant say if they're sprites as i'm not that up on graphic programming and what effects are what- let me try to find or make a shot -i also just remembered a few days ago while adjusting options on a game, the fog on-off was greyed out -i have to go back and find what game it was -maybe it is something with the card-there shouldnt be anything greyed out with a brand new 7950 i would think