View Full Version : Sam & Max return Nov 8th!

09-26-07, 05:01 PM

New season! WEEEE!

09-26-07, 05:18 PM
I have NEVER played any sam and max.

Are they good?

Is it to late to start (are the old ones to crap to appreciate now?)

09-26-07, 05:27 PM
I would get the first season, the games are great if you like adventure games. The graphics are the same all around, unless you go and get the original one.

09-26-07, 05:46 PM
are the originals good?

09-26-07, 05:46 PM
I received Sam & Max Hit the Road through a selling on Amazon a few days ago. Works great in Vista x64 with DOSBox.

09-27-07, 02:35 AM
ZOMG! Yay! Nice surprise. Ima buy them all again!

BTW Incase you can't tell I love Sam and Max.

09-27-07, 05:49 AM
How many hours of gameplay is the first season?

09-27-07, 06:34 AM
w00t :D

Just read the news letter. Can't wait for a new season. :)

09-27-07, 04:37 PM
How many hours of gameplay is the first season?

If you are a seasoned Adventure game player, probably around an hour an episode, so roughly 6hrs. If you are a bit of a nub, or like to explore and click on everything. Like me. Probably 2hrs per episode. So anywhere up to 12hrs. Plus the fact the package is pretty cheap (compared to retail games here in AU) You can't loose if you like a smart point and clicker.

09-27-07, 04:43 PM
I still gotta order my DVD. =\