View Full Version : Help with nvtray / SLI mode problem!

09-26-07, 05:47 PM
I don't know when it happened, but I no longer have any control of the sli modes in nvtray. I had not made any changes , but had not used it for a while, and went to change the settings for bf2142 game play and found it disabled.

I have since updated the drivers twice (cleaning up after each uninstall), and updated to the latest ver. of nvtray. Nothing has made a difference and the sli mode option remains disabled.

I'm running WinXP Pro 32bit
AMD 64bit 3800+ (single core)
2gigs Patriot Memory (4x512)
EVGA 7600gt x 2 in sli (yes is enable in control panel)

Anyone have any ideas? :confused:

The attached screen shot shows sli mode grayed out.

09-26-07, 07:30 PM
Sorry not much help but I wanted to see if I had the same problem so. I just installed it, and I do not have the option to use it. I am using the beta beta drivers...


09-26-07, 09:09 PM
huh? well I'm using the latest straight from the nvidia site. Tried some older drivers to, it's strange how it just quit working for me.

09-28-07, 01:03 AM
I fixed the problem. I did a little research and found what seems to be the best performing forceware drivers (93.81). My fps is up and I have sli mode back in nvtray. woohoo!