View Full Version : Looking for Stalker night vision mod

09-26-07, 08:30 PM
Any one have a Stalker night vision mod that isn't part of a bundled mod? I read something about one that is blue and is suppose to be pretty good, but I think it's part of a larger mod that modifies more than I want.

01-11-08, 09:10 AM
I thought you get night vision later in the game with an advanced suit 'kit' of some kind?

Night time is way fun and more challenging with the recent Weather Overhaul mod. Added better flashlight too this game gets seriously atmospheric at night especially when it lightenings out. (nana2)

01-11-08, 09:26 AM
That exoskeletion suit has a nice blue nightvision if i remember correct, others has worse green thats harder in the dark.