View Full Version : Still having alt-tab bug / texture eviciton issue?

09-28-07, 10:16 PM
I still had this problem specifically with company of heroes, up to yesterday.

XFX Support sent NVIDIA a runaround of my computer and discovered that even though my card was in a (2nd black) X16 pcie slot on my P5B Deluxe, it was only utilizing 4 lanes.

After transferring the card to the 1st blue x16 pci-e slot, everything seemed to be fixed. In addition to the alt tab bug, texture corruption went away, and loading times for maps drastically increased.

Can't say I understand it myself, but it is a very simple possible solution.

But the Stranglehold demo still gives me nvidia dll bsods : |

Hope this helps somebody.

09-29-07, 01:21 AM
I have not done extensive testing, but I have not noticed a recurrence of this bug. I did a quick check with COH and it passed, and have yet to see it in any other game.

09-30-07, 06:26 AM
I am noticing a big decline in framerates with World in Conflict every 10-20 minutes, which seems to be fixed by Alt-Tabbing.
Seems like the same problem to me, but I'd it'd be nice for some more confirmation. Anyone else?

My 8800 GTS 320MB (163.71 Beta) is in the first PCI-E slot in an A8N-SLI Premium.

09-30-07, 08:08 AM
I never really had this problem in any games until I tried the jericho demo with the 163.71 betas. That game seems to slowly eat up more and more mem.. I haven't tried WiC yet but I hear from many other posters that they're still getting the alt-tab bug with that game.

09-30-07, 02:49 PM
alt-tab is almost fixed for me with new drivers . But now I get bsod In Fear and Stalker

10-02-07, 02:14 AM
Maybe I spoke too soon - Bioshock seems to have this same alt+tab issue.
8800 320mb here. I can test COH again tommorow and report back.