View Full Version : Problems with Gaming on Vista?

09-29-07, 02:30 PM
Until recently I had been running XP the OS was originally installed on a P4 system later transferred onto another P4 chipset then onto the C2D /P965 without reinstall. When moving from board to board I was able to update the chipset drivers and clean out old ones and surprisingly had no issues with stability.

Well after running the same XP install for 3 years and across more hardware than changes than a single install should see I thought Iíd finally reload and go for a clean OS install.
I was able to purchase a retail copy of Vista Ultimate @ 50% off several months ago
So I thought Iíd give it a try.
1st I tried 64bit but found some problems with performance when gaming and Also found a couple of the Apps I use didnít run correctly under 64bit. So I decided to try the 32bit to see if it was any better. Going to 32 bit cleared up the App compatibility but didnít seem to improve the problems I had with gaming performance.

The problems Iíve had with game are with BF 1942 and 2142
1942 Ė I start playing everything is fine through the 1st map but into the 2nd or 3rd map
I start to see heavy disk activity to the point that it will cause the game to freeze for 1-2 seconds once this starts it continues to reoccur every 2-3 minutes.
2142 Ė again it starts out OK but after a while performance takes a nose dive sometimes I can get through a map others only a couple minute before it starts to slow down.

Under XP Both of these games ran without so much as a hiccup .

Then I can play bio shock under Vista without any noticeable problems or slow downs.

My system specs are

CPU = C2D 6600
Graphics 8800GTS 640Mb
Memory = 2Gb
Main Board = Intel P965 chipset
Sound SB XFI Extreme Music
Which from what I read should be adequate for running Vista.
I have the current driver for the 8800, SB Xfi and chipset installed, I have also applied all the updates to vista including the compatibility updates


Iíve seen people say theyíve had similar issues with the BF titles on Vista and other who say they run flawlessly even on lower spec systems than mine so Iím at a loss

So if some are able to play without problems any ideas or recommendations on what the problem may be with the BF titles or how to resolve it????
is what I'm seeing the texture evict issue??

Over all I like vista and am hopeful that the performance issues Iím encountering can or will be resolved soon, if not I will probably go back to XP at least for a while to allow Vista and drivers to further mature.