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09-29-07, 11:39 PM
its me again:D
while i was browsing on the internet, i stumbled upon a software called rivatuner 2.05. i was wondering if this software is reliable or not...
also, i have a question about rivatuner. if i change the fan speed using rivtuner, can i change the fan speed back to the original whenever i want to? or is it permanent (as in even if i reinstall windows vista, the fan speed will remain at the customized speed)? i want to be able to change it back to original out-of-box state whenever i wish, and i want this confirmation before i change anything using rivatuner. (btw im resorting to rivatuner since ntune didnt work for my gtx. whenever i customized the fan speed on nvidia control panel, and click apply, it just goes back to 59% which is the default)
thanks for the umpteenth time.

09-30-07, 12:51 AM
As said, rivatuner is about the best overclocking tool you can get!

And to answer your second question .... yes you can set the fan speeds back whenever you wish with rivatuner ... if you reinstall vista then the cards fan speed will be to stock(the program has to be installed for it to work correctly)

If i was you i would set your fan to around 80% .... when i had the stock cooler on i found 80% just right, any higher and i could hear the fan pretty loud!