View Full Version : Best game rental site??

10-01-07, 08:38 AM
Since my spending on games has gone a wee bit over budget, by order of my finance minister, I need to cut some. The best option seems to be game rentals. Currently I have a blockbuster subscription, where I rent movies from their site and then exchange them instore for games. But availability of new games has been a problem. I did a 15 day trial of gamefly and they were pretty good in shipping just released games; I got Lair 2 days after it was released. But $22 for 2 games a month is almost as bad as buying them. So are there any other alternatives? I really liked the concept of gameznflix but their inventory was terrible and turnaround time I heard sucks.

10-01-07, 09:02 AM
I tried gamesnflix many years ago. It was horrendous. They've sent me emails since then saying they've changed, but I wasn't willing to give them another shot after the experience I had.

I'm currently a member of gamefly and have no complaints. I rent wii, ps3, and psp games from them. so they always have something I want. The thing I like about it is you can choose to keep the game and they send you the box and instructions free of charge and in mint condition. After several months of membership you get $5 gift certificates off used games and 10% off. I will probably use them to buy all my games.

For example, I rented dirt. I got it on release day and obviously was the first one to have the particular disc, so basically it was new. I could've kept it for $47 - 10% - $5. Not bad for what was essentially a brand new game.

10-01-07, 06:27 PM
I use Gamefly

Halo 3 was shipped to me the day before its release
Bioshock was shipped to me the day before its release

Beside that I've had the same game rented out for over 6 months, but its safe to say I've had amazing service from them. When I got a game in the mail that didn't work they sent me a new one before I shipped back the non-working

Also nice, you can purchase games for cheaper than retail. Now that I have Halo 3 I can elect to keep it for only 50 dollars, and Bioshock as well for 47. Add in the fact they ship the case and manual for free, AND you can apply discounts for being a member for awhile... I love it

Too bad I have to cancel before the next billing period because I'm broke :(