View Full Version : Changing resolution in vista=crash?

10-01-07, 03:13 PM
Hi there I've been struggling with this problem past few days.
I've installed few version of nvidia drivers (using 7900GT) and everytime there is a problem whith changing resolution.
With 158.24 forceware I can change the res. in windows but none games works with other resolution then native for my monitor 1680x1050.
With 163.69 - every change of resolution causes crash with colourfull horizontal stripes.
This problem is caused only under Windows Vista (I have Ultimate x64) not in XP.
Does anyone knows the solution for this?

PS: sorry if this problem have been posted before

XFX Support
10-04-07, 12:36 PM
You can usually fix this by overclocking or underclocking the memory by about 5-10 MHz. If it does work in your situation and your video card is an XFX video card PM me and I can see about getting a BIOS made for you so you will not have to overclock it each time you log in.