View Full Version : Rivatuner won't hold my overclocks

10-02-07, 09:30 AM
A couple days ago I noticed the overclock on my 7800gs wasn't holding when playing games on XP which then led me to check Vista and it wasn't at all in there either even for mild desktop use. To begin with I assumed it was the newest driver because I only installed it a little over a week ago so I tried an older version from the 162 series and then when it still did it an even older one from the 158 series. I then realized I had also upgraded to the newest version of RivaTuner when changing my drivers before so I thought maybe it could be the culprit. I hunted down 2.03 thinking this would solve it for sure but to my dismay after a few minutes in 3D mode still back to stock speeds. Now getting a little worried something was wrong with my card as a last resort I decided to try to overclock my card with something other than RivaTuner so chose ExperTool which I use to lower my fan speeds in Vista anyway. Now my overclock is sticking again. I used RivaTuner's hardware monitoring to make sure ExperTool was doing it right so I know it is fine now. I don't get what could be wrong though because I never used to have this problem. There may have been a short time when it was lowering my speeds before I noticed but still any ideas what it could be?

10-03-07, 10:31 PM
nevermind it is the driver. guess its back to 93.81.