View Full Version : 8800Ultra 2560x1600 problem

10-02-07, 01:53 PM
Cannot launch ETQW higher than 1600x1200...

FATAL ERROR: The OpenGL driver doesn't support wglChoosePixelFormatARB

nVidia 163.71 WHQL driver

DxDiag.txt attached.

Problem appears to be related to display resolution. DxDiag shows "Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200". Game will not launch successfully until resolution is backed down to 1600x1200. nV8800Ultra and Samsung 305T natively support 2560x1600 resolution.


10-02-07, 02:51 PM
i have the same problem with a msi 8800 ultra on a dell 3007 lcd, suddenly one day last week, nothing with opengl would work and gldiag would give me your error, ETQW, google earth, and anything else, and i cant find any type of 'opengl' repair kit that works, and uninstalling/reinstalling the nvidia drivers doesnt seem to help....very odd and ive spent hours trying to find the reason...

10-02-07, 03:08 PM

10-02-07, 03:50 PM

My Computer properties; Hardware; Device Manager; Display adapters; NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra - Rt Click; Uninstall. Reboot. Installed generic Windows VGA driver. Reboot. Reinstalled nV 163.71 WHQL driver. Reboot.

Both Google Earth (OpenGL mode) and ETQW are now running fullscreen 2560x1600.

Although I can't imagine these settings making the difference, I should mention the following changes that were made as well:
Image Settings = Quality
Anisotropic Filtering = 16X