View Full Version : CPU Overheating, PC Shutting Down after Hardware Upgrade! Please Help!!

10-02-07, 03:24 PM
Ok guys, just got my 8800 and my new abit motherboard. Put all the hardware in my case and everything, fired it up and it keeps just shutting off on me. Turn it back on go into bios and cpu temp is at like 80-90 Celsius.

The automatic shutdown temp is 80 Celsius and I think thats why its shutting off. I reapplied the thermal paste correctly and reseated the heat sink and it doesn't say anything different, still the same temperature and it keeps shutting off.

Please Help me with this! Thanks for any one who responds.

BTW: I don't think its my Power Supply because I checked all of the hardware specs and my 8800 needs a 400-600 watt PSU and I'm right in between. Only 2 CD rom drives and 1 7200RPM hard drive.

10-02-07, 03:37 PM
go to the extreme psu calculator site and check out your config.... it seems as if you may be approaching the limits of your current PSU.

As for the cpu.... is the HSF clear of debris and dust? Are you sure that the fan power is connected to the correct header? are you sure the fan is still functioning? How many fans are in your case? How close is the gpu in relation to the cpu?

Did you change any of the fan rpm settings in the bios?

10-02-07, 03:43 PM
Thanks, I have 3 Case fans, the CPU Heat sink is 100% Clean of dust, the fan is connected correctly and I didn't change any of the fan RPM settings. What do you think is the problem with the over heating?

10-02-07, 03:44 PM
you haven't overclocked anything have you?

10-02-07, 03:50 PM
I calculated everything and it came up as 368Watts and I filled out everything. So that rules out the PSU.

10-02-07, 04:00 PM
what type of thermal paste are you using? Are you sure that you aren't applying too much? Too much thermal paste will actually hurt temps and could lead to over heating.

How old is your PSU?

10-02-07, 04:06 PM
PSU should be fine. I ran this system on a 500w Ultra for a couple of months with no problems at all. Check the voltage setting in the bios if you can get there with out it shutting off. Other than that I can't help.

10-02-07, 04:13 PM
I ran mines on a 500W OCZ Powerstream lol...

yeah try to set your bios settings back to default or safe settings, see if that lets you boot and go from there.

10-02-07, 04:30 PM
Too much paste maybe? Insulating instead of transferring heat..or a concave or warped surface on the heat sink?

10-02-07, 07:01 PM
FIXED! I did add a little bit of thermal paste because my friend told me that I didn't have enough. SOo I reapplied the heat sink and pushed down insanely hard and it was extremely firm then it stopped shutting down. I did a little test, I went into the Bios and looked at my temps and pushed down on the heat sink and the harder I pushed down the lower the temps went so logically I needed to put the heat sink on tighter. I love my 8800! Bioshock is so smooth now.........

Thanks Guys for your help!

10-02-07, 07:11 PM
good to hear that you got everything sorted out :)

10-02-07, 07:49 PM
Glad to hear!

10-02-07, 09:03 PM
Well, looks like I'm not going to have to worry about PSU's for a while.

10-02-07, 10:18 PM
yeah looks like I'll never have to buy another PSU again :lol:

10-03-07, 01:43 AM
yeah looks like I'll never have to buy another PSU again :lol:

unless it blows up or breaks I guess :captnkill:

10-03-07, 01:45 AM
I would just take the pieces and build a smaller psu of whats left :p