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10-04-07, 07:41 AM
Hello there. I bought a 8600gt from leadtek, and specifically this card: http://www.leadtek.com/eng/3d_graphic/overview.asp?lineid=1&pronameid=340
Now, my problem is that the latest driver from nvidia (which is supposed to be best for 8 series bla bla bla) doesn't show me the temperature. It sais that the temperature is now an ADVANCED setting (like it was minimal setting anyway) and it redirects me to nvidia.com to download ntune, but i have no such thing as nforce 3 nor 4 as my northbridge. The driver from leadtek is the same thing. Now, my problem is... Speedfan doesn't detect the temperature either, so is it possible for my card not to have a temperature sensor? I mean wth, my old leadtek 6600gt has and this one hasn't? If you can, give me a temperature monitoring program, because speedfan is messed up anyway, if my cpu fan speed is 675000 rpm i am pope the hitman. The bios detects the speed as it is.
Please tell me if you know any details.

XFX Support
10-04-07, 12:16 PM
Try using RivaTuner if you cant use Ntune:


10-04-07, 01:18 PM
Is there any way to get speefan to read the sensors?

10-05-07, 06:12 AM
Kinda lame... Rivatuner really shows temperature. Thank you for your answer. Saved my life. :captnkill:
No, i can't get speedfan to read the senzor properly. I think is because smart fan is turned on. I messed up with all in speedfan, registries too, but no way.

Thanks again for the answer. :)