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10-04-07, 11:42 PM
So I started a new job, working for the public library and they are opening up a new building. They plan to have a section for Teens with computers and the Technology manager wants them to be interesting not boring. Lights, see through windows that kind of thing. I've dabled in this but always done it my self so does any one have any good suggestions on were to start?

They have decent budget, I can't remember the computer count but no more than 20 probably less. Would it make sense to have someone build computers like this for us and if so whould would be a good place to check out? We can do it in house but it will be more time consuming, so any thoughts would be great. Thanks, remember this is for Teens so nothing dirty and no watercooling. :D

10-05-07, 01:55 AM
Why not have a contest? Define a budget and then have people and/or local shops submit proposals and then award the top 5 winners to build 4 machines each. That way you'll have some variety. I imagine that there are a lot of budding young PC enthusiasts who would love to spec and put together a system using someone else's money. As for local shops, I would imagine that they would throw in lots of extras is you were to allow them to display some advertising on the outside of the case. In a year or two, auction them all off and do it again.