View Full Version : Need a 8800 purchasing expert

10-05-07, 10:41 AM
Hi everyone. My question is simple. Im looking for the best 8800ultra you can get.

Heres the deal:

1 - I would like to get the XFX 8800ultra xxx but you cant find it anywhere.
2 - Im using Koolance water cooling so heat is not an issue.
3 - Im putting it in a Duel Quad core Xeon machine with 8gb of ram so my processors are not limiting.
4 - I dont want to use SLI as 3d apps don,t use it

My main question is this. Ive been looking at newegg and im torn between 2 over clocked models.
Theres an MSI for $594 with a 660mhz core and 2300MHz memory and no overclock to the shader bus
Theres a XFX for about $100 more with 650Mhz core and 2200Mhz memory BUT the shader bus is overclocked to 1605Mhz.

Which one would give me better performance? Also is MSI any good?


10-05-07, 10:44 AM
Buy an EVGA stock clock and Bios flash the black pearl bios onto it.

Or your own Bios, I have hit 720core and 2200Mhz Mem. on my Ultra

10-05-07, 10:57 AM
Thanks but not doing any hacks or BIOS updates as this is a 3d rendering workstation. Dont care about cost or the ones with the water cooling block allready on it because i already have a block. Thanks