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10-06-07, 10:46 AM
ok i already know that both (sonata III optional fan and 8800 gtx) wont fit the case in the normal configuration. however, i was wondering if there some kind of workaround though? like can i buy a "thinner than 25mm" fan (as recommended by a friend) and will it fit (any recommendations btw of fans that are thinner than 25mm)? or is there another place where i can place a fan to improve airflow? because i think thats my main problem here.

10-06-07, 06:46 PM
I have the sonata III as well and I've been wondering if the 8800GTX will even fit without the extra fan (which I don't use anyways)? I've read posts that both say it can and can't :|

10-06-07, 07:15 PM
it definitely DOES fit without the optional fan. i have that config right now. question is, is there a workaround to this situation by placing a third party fan elsewhere in the case (and if it is possible, then where) or whether a thinner case fan (i.e. 10-15mm rather than the usual 25mm) should suffice or whether a pci slot fan would work well placed either below or above the 8800 gtx...?

10-07-07, 09:31 PM
ok i just got a 12cm fan (manufacturer is called scythe, not sure if its any good, but it was cheap and quiet so i bought it:))and the whole thing actually DOES fit right under the 8800 gtx card. it obviously cant match up with the case screw holes for the optional front fan, but nonetheless the scythe fan CAN be accomodated below the card right up against the hard drive place (meaning like the fan can be placed exactly as it would for the optional sonata III case fan, but only lowered due to gtx length). i was wondering, is it ok if i jury rig the fan by strong ties to the holes in the hard drive place (is it called hard drive bays??). cuz if i can, my problems are solved and u wont have to hear about my noobness (for a while at least lol...). realistically i dont see a problem with that, but as always, i want confirmation from the pros before doing ANYTHING with my expensive rig. btw i upgraded the cpu and motherboard (or mainboard?) today to an intel (not sure which one) and a better asus (again not sure which one... lol), respectively.
thanks again folks

10-07-07, 09:34 PM
btw i only have ONE hard drive, so the jury rigging wont affect my HD.

and i also heard that the 8800 gtx requires more ventilation on the side of the card WITH the stock fan, rather than the side that doesnt, because the hot air that the stock fan gives off needs to be ventilated out. is this true? cuz then my fan configuration would be ideal cuz my stock fan is pointing downwards:).